We want our kids to leverage the power of social media, to harvest the good and leave behind the bad.
A tech talk is a step in the right direction. It is a way to share our expectations of how to behave in the digital world.
Digital boundaries can be thought of as what is OK and what is Not OK on social media. Communicating about digital boundaries is essential and tech talks are great ways to share your expectations.
Recently I taught a digital self-defense workshop to a group of seasoned education professionals. I asked them to list the essential topics to cover in the tech talk with your kids.
The list they assembled follows, feel free to use this list to guide your tech talk with your kids.

Posting positives about your life, milestone events.
Support others who are facing life’s hardships by either a go fund me or by a support/grief page
Using digital technology to maintain healthy relationships with those you don’t get to see every day due to distance or busyness.
Connect with friends (i.e. say “hi”, stay connected if they move away)
Telling a trusted adult when you don’t feel safe.
Blocking people
Getting on for a short time each day.
Friend people you personally know.
Be uplifting in your social media posts
Build people up rather than cut them down
Don’t like someone, don’t talk about them

Not OK
Sharing photos of others where they don’t look their best
Referencing your workplace (overtly or subtly) by name and making a negative comment
The harsh political rhetoric that could be polarizing.
Having an argument with someone through social media
Expecting an immediate response.
Messaging or being online really late at night.
Expressing ALL of your feelings.
Commenting on someone.
Continuously posting every moment.
Messaging during class.
Messaging while driving/working.
Pretending to be someone else
I will read and follow my employer’s social media guidelines, even if someone else starts it
I will not fight with or comment negatively about other employees or students on social media
I will not complain about work or customers on social media
I will NEVER use my phone or social media to hurt or harass anyone