We know about negativity. We see it when people expect the worst out of life when they notice what is wrong or talk about things that have not lived up to expectations. Negativity is as contagious as the flu. It can drag us down if we allow it to influence our mindset.
Positivity is the polar opposite of negativity. It is noticing what is going right, it is expecting that positive change can occur. Positivity puts the brakes on negativity.

When we post positively on social media we are intentionally noticing and describing what is going right, and savoring the positive events that have occurred. We are creating traction for more positive events to follow. We are protecting our digital reputation. We are acknowledging that what others think about us may be determined by what we post including our likes and follows.
Examine your last few social media posts.
Do they give off a positive vibe or a negative vibe?

Do you want to maintain a positive digital footprint? Try posting positive.

  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Thank those who have helped you achieve a goal.
  • Discuss your activities and interests
  • Compliment others when they have reached their goals or when they have accomplished something of note
  • Thank teachers, friends, parents, coaches, mentors, or anyone who has helped you out
  • Support others by sending positive messages to encourage and support.