Blog Question 4

Research shows that self-control is a better predictor of adult health, wealth and happiness than grades or IQ. Are you noticing a change in students’ (and adults’) ability to regulate their behavior? What strategies have been helpful to you in helping...

Blog Question 3

Posing the right question at the right time can help students vicariously step into “another’s shoes”. What strategies could help students see the world from other perspectives?

Blog Question 2

Common Sense Media reports that the average teen spends 7 hours and 22 minutes in front of a screen (excluding homework time). What impact does this increase in screen time have on student empathy? In your opinion why does screen time reduce empathy?

Blog Question 1

What is your hope in cultivating empathy in your students? What behaviors do you think adults should model in an empathetic school culture?

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Remember the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? The old sorcerer leaves the young apprentice in charge of the workshop. The young apprentice begins practicing his magic, mischief ensues and soon the apprentice is in over his head.  The old sorcerer returns, restores...