Remember the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

The old sorcerer leaves the young apprentice in charge of the workshop.

The young apprentice begins practicing his magic, mischief ensues and soon the apprentice is in over his head.  The old sorcerer returns, restores order and saves the day.

The digital world can be a little like that. Teens and tweens think that they have a handle on social media, but sometimes find themselves in over their heads.

Tech talks are great ways to talk about social media with your teen to make sure that they are not surprised by unwanted attention,

A few more apps you should know about so that your teen knows what they are getting into in the digital world.

Lipsi is an anonymous app that is intended to be linked to an Instagram account. Users can provide anonymous feedback. As you may predict, the anonymous nature of this app provides an opportunity for bullying. Teens like positive feedback, they just aren’t ready if nasty comments follow.

HOLLA is a live random video chat app. The app pairs you with a stranger instantly on camera. According to Common Sense Media, “ the app is an easy target for online predators”